Office 365 Backup

Office 365 backup at glance

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Office 365 backup features
  • Backup your Microsoft Exchange Online
    • Mailboxes, Folders, Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks
  • Backup your Microsoft Sharepoint Online
    • Site Collections, Sites, Webs and Personal sites
    • Lists
    • List items, such as documents
  • Backup your Microsoft OneDrive
    • Documents under each user’s personal site
    • Word online
    • Excel online
    • Powerpoint online
    • OneNote online
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Your data in Office 365 – 4 things to consider
  • Compliance
    Your organization might need to comply to data retention regulations, where failure to comply can lead to expensive fines or worse. By default, deleted office 365 data is non-recoverable after 30 days. Longer retention times are possible with more expensive editions of Office 365. By using Office 365 backup, you can ensure that your organization complies with regulations regardless of the Office 365 edition
  • Liability
    The Office 365 terms of service state that Microsoft’s liability is currently limited to $5.000- or the last 12 months subscription fees should anything happen to your data, if you can prove it was Microsoft’s fault. However the liability an organization might face if their Office 365 data was lost is potentially unlimited. Given the amount of risk organizations bear, it’s crucial to keep a copy of their Office 365 backup data in a secure, non-Microsoft location.
  • Audit Rights
    The Office 365 terms of service give organizations no audit rights. This can be problematic if, as part of an audit, an organization is required to show the physical location where their data is stored. However, if an organization has an Office 365 backup of their data in a secure location that is audit able, then that may be an acceptable workaround.
  • Vendor Lock-in
    Having all the organizations data in the Microsoft cloud poses a vendor lock-in. If an organisation wants to keep it’s options open and secure, then maintaining a separate Office 365 backup of their data makes it easier migrating to another vendor’s office productivity service at a later stage.

Top 5 ways how data is lost in the cloud

  •   User Error - 64%
  •   Hackers - 13%
  •   Closing account - 10%
  • Malicious Delete - 7%
  •   Third-Party Software - 7%

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Backup and replicate vm's with single file recovery
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