Jon Thordarson / 19. Sep 2016

Linux Cloud Backup for your Web Server

Every business and organisation runs a website in some shape or form to present their business online and need to consider a good Linux Cloud Backup solution.
Many with some very complex setup and configuration which store a huge amount of information about visitor traffic and various input from those visitors like through forms or shopping baskets.

Websites are one of the most important asset an organisation has, as it represents the business online.

A very popular setup for a web server is something called LAMP which stands for the four open source components it is comprised of, Linux OS, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database and the PHP programming language.

“Since its creation, the LAMP model has been adapted to other componentry, though typically consisting of free and open-source software. For example, an equivalent installation on the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems is known as WAMP.”
Taken from Wikipedia

This setup and many more similar models are quite popular and well known. Most Sysadmins know this configuration and set up either an instance of this within their data center or in their IaaS deployment with Azure or AWS.


Traditional business and their Web Site

As previously stated, most businesses have a website which they spend a small fortune on the design, building and tweaking to present their business in the best way possible online. They usually spend a fortune with their marketing team and outsourced specialists to get it optimized for SEO.
To get some traffic to their website they usually spend more money with google adwords and social media campaigns.

When traffic starts building to the website a lot of important data is generated both in logs and database entries when customers sign up for something, fill out forms or add to cart.
This important data is what the business will build on, either with lead generation, data analysis for future business, customer behavior or other forecasting analysis.

An example of popular websites and information gathered would be Game of Thrones, Star Wars or even Amazon each with their own feature but all gather information as soon as visitors arrive to the site. What do visitors click on, what do they read, watch, put in their basket and where do they exit the website from?

So when looking at the amount of value, work and cost spent on the website there are a few things to consider.

  • Is the website set up in a dev environment for testing upgrades before live change is implemented?
  • Is there a proper change control in place?
  • Is there a proper version control in place?
  • Is all this important work backed up to a safe location?


All of these points are addressed in well established data handling processes and are a requirement in various compliance standards such as ISO 27001.
While I could write a long piece for each point I will only address the last point of backup, more accurately Linux Cloud Backup or Windows Cloud Backup.


Backup your Web Server with our Linux Cloud Backup

The first thing to consider when starting the design of a website is to set up a proper Linux cloud backup solution which will backup the entire website and it’s configuration. Setting this up to backup regularly will allow to revert back to previous versions when needed, like when a change made to the website breaks it for some reason and debugging might take too long.

Protecting this information is critical for the business, just as critical as backing up the CRM or ERP system or the Exchange Server.
The investment and value in a single website is enormous and should be treated as one of the most valuable asset within the business, categorised with High Availability, High Reliability and High Reputation.
If the website goes down for some reason that will mean lost revenue and damage to the business reputation.

Datastring Linux Cloud backup is something that can be set up on any Linux server in your environment, doesn’t matter if it’s on premise or in the cloud, and from that single installation you can backup any Linux LAMP configuration on that network and protect your entire website build.

From a single Linux installation you can:

  • Select data to be backed up on the local machine or remote machines
  • Schedule backup jobs to run
  • Set up specific retention rules, depending on what type of data is being backed up
  • Send notifications about specific backup job completion
  • Run discovery processes for LAN computers, shares and files
  • Backup files, databases, entire servers or even VMware environments and virtual machines
  • Backup is de-duplicated, compressed and encrypted before being sent to the cloud
  • Incremental forever technology


In todays environments a lot of organisation have hybrid clouds, meaning some of your servers and workload are locally on your premise or in your data center, while other parts of your data might be with a cloud provider. With our solution this setup is irrelevant as you can set up our software in each location and backup the data on each site appropriately while at the same time having a single GUI interface installed on your sysadmin workstation that allows him to control all the instances of backup for each location.

This sort of solution is designed for the on-premise, hybrid cloud or full cloud adoption and scales up with your environment and your needs.
It doesn’t matter if you need Linux Cloud Backup or Windows Cloud Backup, we have you covered

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