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Hyper-V backup and DR at glance

Hyper-V backup features
  • Hyper-V incremental forever backup for VMs for both standalone and cluster Hyper-V servers. 
  • Backup Hyper-V VMs faster by fetching only changed blocks from VMs from one backup to the next. 
  • File Level Restore, Restore a single file without the need of retrieving the entire VM 
  • Physical to virtual (P2V) conversion, Convert a physical machine to Hyper-V VM
  • Virtual LAN discovery for Hyper-V
  • Discover and identify data sources, types and capacity being created and stored on VM’s to help create a data protection policy.
  • Hyper-V Virtual Machine Replication between two Hyper-V servers

agentless backup


Faster restores & file level recovery
  • DS-Client can run as a virtual machine on the Hyper-V platform
  • Incremental data processing for data reduction before sending to the cloud DS-System which gives faster backup times
  • Backup a full VM and restore a full VM or at file level from within the VM
  • File level restore supports multiple VMs within one backup set
  • DS-Client will dedupe, compress and encrypt the virtual machines before sending to the cloud
  • The virtual machine can have multiple disks and multiple volumes
  • No backup agents required for each VM or applications within the VM
  • Centralized backup configuration and management

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VMware Backup
Restore a single file from the cloud

Hyper-V Virtual Machine Replication

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