Jon Thordarson / 2. Aug 2016

Enterprise Linux Backup

Linux adoption continues to soar, with the platform earning a reputation for high performance and reliability. Leading Linux server operating systems include RedHat, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu Server, Slackware and Gentoo.

Unfortunately, its success has made Linux a prime target for outside attackers and malicious insiders. And as Linux’s security vulnerabilities have grown, security solutions have not kept pace and not many choices for enterprise Linux backup solutions.

These servers are being operated both on premise or in the cloud for various tasks but are often neglected when it comes to data protection.

If your organisation is using one or more Linux servers to fulfill a task in your environment then read on.


Linux servers in your environment

There are plenty of backup solutions out there to protect the standalone Linux box but they don’t provide you with an easy and scalable solution to backup and manage multiple Linux servers in an enterprise environment.  

With more and more servers being spread between on-premise and in the cloud, it’s getting even more complicated to protect these servers and the data they hold.

A common scenario is that there are scripts running on some of the servers to dump a database or other specific data to a shared storage for data protection.

By no means is this a full force data protection policy and becomes very difficult to manage when you scale up the environment.


datastring Linux Backup to secure cloud

With our award winning platform we can provide you with an easy to use, agentless Linux backup solution. It does not need to be installed on the machines it backs up. It can run on a dedicated backup machine or on an existing machine on the LAN that it needs to backup.

It is designed to accommodate a range of heterogeneous network backup requirements, and transmit data securely to the datastring cloud in an encrypted form both in flight and at rest.

A typical scenario is to install our software on-premise on one of the Linux servers to protect and backup all the Linux servers in that LAN. While at the same time you install another in your AWS/Azure network to protect the servers you are running in the cloud.

This allows you to have a very scalable Linux backup solution which you can control from a single GUI on your workstation.

The datastring cloud backup solution is a highly secure backup solution with it’s FIPS certified encryption in flight and at rest, user authentication and meets regulatory compliance such as SOX, HIPAA, BASEL II and more.

Additionally your Linux backup client can backup many other platforms and applications, such as VMware, XenServer, Oracle, MacOS and many more.

The growing number of Linux servers operating in the cloud is a concern when left unprotected and not complying with the company data protection policy.

Make sure to include your cloud servers and their roles in your data protection policy and DR planning.

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