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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Managed - Monitored - Always Available

Instant recovery when you need it

As a business, you are vigilant about protecting data. Backup should be, and probably is a top priority. Up to recently having a regular offsite copy of your data was probably sufficient to meet your needs. However, like most businesses your business has become heavily reliant on the availability of your IT systems. As a result traditional cloud backup and restore methods may no longer be sufficient.

In the event of a disaster you need:

  • Push-button failover to onsite DR appliance or to the cloud DR environment
  • All-in-one solution that combines data backup and disaster recovery capabilities

  • Continuous, application-aware snapshots of entire server environment, physical or virtual.

Eliminating costly downtime for your business and get back up and running quickly with our experts by your side.



What to expect from datastring DRaaS

Datastring DR is a managed and secure DRaaS solution which provides the added capability to failover your physical and virtual server to the datastring onsite hardware or to our virtual DR cloud.

  • Fully managed and monitored
  • No hidden declaration fees, application add-on fees, bandwidth fees, failover fees, testing fees or support fees
  • Fully documented step-by-step recovery plan for servers, including precise restore instructions
  • 24/7 Support – including customer training for all processes to ensure clarity of roles and responsibilities during a crisis
  • Anytime testing for onsite DR environment. Bi-Annual testing for cloud environment
  • Global deduplication and compression of all storage
  • Certified approved Datacentres in US, UK & Ireland
  • Integrated, application-aware modules for Exchange and SQL
  • Military-grade encryption ensures data is secure at all times


A few of the benefits

Protect Virtual Servers

Protect VM’s running on Hyper-V or VMware and easily fail-over to the cloud, in case of emergency.

Protect Physical Servers

Protect physical Windows servers and easily fail-over to a virtual instance in the cloud, in case of emergency.

Backup & DR

Mix and match backup and DR options to fit your business requirements for RTO and RPO’s. Our experts tailor the solution for your needs.

Verified Recovery

Automated recovery tests and verification of backup and replication to ensure file systems, Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server instances are recoverable.

Lightning fast

Fast and reliable restore for individual files, applications and VMs means your business can be confident in any type of recovery scenario

Safe & Secure

All data can be encrypted in transit to make sure your data stays secure while providing your business the safety and protection it needs.

Why Managed DRaaS?

  •   Downtime of services costs money
  •   Average cost for data center downtime €740,357
  •   Damage beyond dollars can be substantial
  • 64% of data loss comes from user error
  •   13% of data loss due to hackers

Push-button failover for your business

Be prepared when disaster strikes, get up and running faster with datastring