Kirsten Savage / 25. Oct 2019

Datastring Announces Integration with Autotask


Datastring’s integration with Autotask allows users to select certain events on the Datastring portal that can trigger automatic ticket creation on their Autotask account. A common use case for this is to alert the user via Autotask if an error has occurred with a backup activity. Follow the below steps to integrate Datastring with your Autotask account.

  1. Create an API user on Autotask. This is a user account with specific credentials that grant API access to your Autotask account. You’ll need these credentials to link your Datastring account to Autotask.
    1. Go to Dashboard > Admin > Extensions & Integrations > Integration Center
    2. Within the vendor table, find Datastring
    3. Click the hamburger menu icon and select “Add API User”
    4. Follow the instructions to create a new API user
    5. Take note of the api username and password credentials

  2. Connect your Autotask API user to Datastring:


















    1. In your Datastring portal, go to Account. Under the panel “Integrations” select Autotask.
    2. Enter your API user credentials and click “Authenticate”.
    3. Follow the set up tour to configure your Autotask settings within Datastring.

      Step 1: Autotask settings:
      These control how tickets created from within Datastring are classified in your Autotask account. You can create new settings specifically for Datastring in your Autotask account, and they’ll appear here.




















Step 2: Datastring settings:
This step is where you decide what kind of events cause a ticket to be created. Simply check the box if you want that backup event type to trigger a ticket creation. You can see here that I’ve selected the following for Asigra: With errors, Warnings, With errors and warnings and Unexpected Stop. Should a backup activity be created with any one of those statuses, a ticket will be created on my Autotask account.




















Step 3: Map Accounts:
Here you need to link your Datastring account for each product type to your Autotask account. Be sure to do this for each product you’re using through Datastring.



















Step 4: That’s it:
If you’ve followed the above steps Datastring will now create a ticket on your Autotask account any time there’s a backup event that matches the config you’ve selected.


3. Review the dashboard to ensure the integration is fully configured. If 100% of your accounts aren’t mapped, or all 7 Autotask settings aren’t configured, ticket creation could fail.