Jon Thordarson / 29. Aug 2016

Are you compliant with your Office 365 data?

Office 365 continues to grow in  popularity and Microsoft keeps trying to fend off rivals such as Google Apps which seems to be working when looking at their staggering growth numbers, but are businesses compliant when using cloud services such as Office 365? 
While cloud adoption in general continues to attract organisations of all sizes and shapes it still poses some privacy and security concerns and some sectors simply can’t fully adopt cloud due to regulations and restrictions.
To add to this, we still see some governments still opposed to cloud adoption all together.

Regulations and compliance

However cloud computing and cloud storage of various sorts seems to be the future and surely is simplifying our lives in many ways and making information more and more accessible.
While the industry and technology matures we have some stumbling blocks that are being addressed and organisations need to be aware of.

For instance, there is a common misconception within organisations that when they move their data to a cloud provider, such as Microsoft Office 365, they no longer need to worry about data protection and assume the cloud provider will “take care” of everything.

Cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365 will secure and protect your data up to a point but mainly to make sure they can provide the up-time and availability to their service and a limited retention to deleted data. Cancel your subscription with them and your data will be deleted within a certain time-frame, so be careful.

But are you compliant?

Many organisations need to consider the industry they are operating in and if they need to comply to any industry regulations in terms of data retention.  In some cases, failure to comply with such regulations might lead to expensive fines or even worse consequences. Office 365 provides a 30 day retention to deleted data by default. After those 30 days, the data is permanently removed.
To add to this there is only a limited liability that Microsoft accepts and only if you can prove they were at fault.  This liability is limited to $5.000- or your last 12 months subscription fees, whichever is lower. 

Also to mention that it matters where your data is stored. For Europe, Microsoft has data centers in the following locations:

  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Finland
  • Austria

Again depending on the industry your organisation belongs to, you might be in breach of compliance by storing data outside your organisation country of establishment.
Find out more about Microsoft locations depending on services here and make sure your organisation is compliant.

The fact remains, even though data has been moved to a different platform the business still needs to protect it, just as if it was in house.  So implementing an Office 365 backup and taking back control of the organisation backup policies and retention is business critical.

datastring Office 365 backup services

You can easily implement a full backup and recovery solution for your Office 365 data and avoid any data loss for business critical data.

Take back control of your data and data retention with our cloud to cloud Office 365 backup.

With automated daily Office 365 backup, unlimited storage and a peace of mind where you can set it and forget it. When ever you need to recover a file, folder or email, it’s only a click away. Our granular Office 365 restore option, standardized backup and recovery, centralized control and easy deployment are just a few of the options for cloud to cloud backup

With the top causes of SaaS data loss being the following, you can never be too safe:

  • User error (64%)
  • Hackers (13%)
  • Closing accounts (10%)

Don’t be caught off-guard and loose critical business data because you didn’t read the fine print. Stay compliant.

Protect everything with our easy-to-use cloud backup service.  While you backup your office 365 data, you can easily include all other critical data sources your organisation might have, such as physical or virtual servers, in-house or off-site in the cloud. Also protect data you might have with other cloud providers such as Google apps or Salesforce.
With our all-in-one backup platform, powered by the award winning Asigra you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your enterprise data is safe.


datastring provides organisations consultation on the best approach to protect their data depending on where it resides and on which platform. We are always here to help, so call us today or chat with us online to find out how we can work together.


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