Jon Thordarson / 12. Jun 2016

Agentless backup – How does it work?

Backup software usually requires an agent to be installed on every server and device requiring backup.
Managing these agents adds to the complexity of the every day work an IT Administrator needs to perform.
When dealing with different Operating Systems, applications, databases and agent revision levels this becomes extremely complex and cumbersome.

Agentless Backup

Host based backup or agentless backup does not require agents to be installed on every server and device requiring backup.
The software agent is simply installed on a single machine which will be able to identify all sources needing to be backed up through a single management interface.
Those sources are backed up over the network via industry standard programming interface for the relevant OS, Filesystem, Application or Hyper-Visor that is intended to be backed up. This makes installing and managing the backup solution considerably easier than with an agent based solution.

For the datastring service, which is based on the Asigra Cloud Backup platform, there are two main components; the DS-Client and the DS-System.
The DS-Client software, installed on one server (Windows, Macintosh, or Linux) at each local and remote site, captures data from its target backup machines. The DS-Client then processes the data to reduce its size (compression and deduplication), encrypts it for security, and then transmits the data via IP WAN to the DS-System at the storage location.

This allows for easy scaling of our cloud backup service from a single server to enterprise environments where enterprise backup solution and performance is required.

Benefits of Agentless Backup

  • Significant savings
    No agent licensing provides huge savings
  • Simple licensing
    Pay-as-you-grow license model based on compressed amount of data.
  • One piece of software to install and manage
  • Security, with up to AES-256 encryption for data in-flight and at-rest.
  • Easy, elegant scaling for capacity and performance
  • More backup consistency and improved recoverability
    The simplicity, efficiency, and security of the system makes it easy for remote sites to implement and maintain consistent data backup programs.

In today’s world we have more mix of environments than ever before.  A mix of physical and virtual with a splash of data and services residing in the cloud.  It’s getting even more complicated than ever to protect your organisations data.

Having a single, agentless, cloud backup solution that can protect all of the above gives control back to the IT Admins, where it belongs.