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datastring cloud backupWelcome to Datastring, we are a group of industry experts assembled in Dublin & London. Drawing on over 50 years combined experience, we believe we have identified gaps in the current data protection offerings and we see room for both service and technology improvements. We believe we have the strongest and simplest data protection offering on the market, combined with superior service level.

Our expert team design, configure and manage every aspect of your cloud backup or disaster recovery solution. Protecting data, no matter where it resides, physical servers, virtual servers or cloud servers.

Our founding directors’ professional experience lies specifically in the areas of data protection, backup and disaster recovery services.


Meet the Management Team

Jon Thordarson – Managing Director JonThordarson

Jon started out in IT over 18 years ago, providing IT services to businesses of all sizes in Iceland.

His business soon evolved into specializing in Cloud Backup services. In 2006 the business was providing Cloud Backup services in UK and Iceland and became one of the top Cloud Backup Service providers in UK. In 2014 his company was acquired.

Jon continued in Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery services after the acquisition of his business. In his role, Jon managed teams located in 4 countries. With his team of 25 engineers, they supported multiple different products and services while implementing processes and procedures to deliver the best possible services to customers.

Building on his experience, Jon set out on his own again with a great team of people with similar experience and background. Their focus is to provide a better and more comprehensive service to the customers.



Darragh Canavan – Sales Director

Darragh has over 12 years’ experience in the backup & disaster recovery industry.

Darragh’s career started in 2005 in business development, by 2010 Darragh was promoted to Sales Operations Manager, he lead a team of 4 Account Managers throughout Ireland and the UK. Darragh won several awards during his career including recognition of high achievements, awarded to the top 1% of global staff.

In his 12 years Darragh managed relationships with over 500 resellers and partners throughout Ireland and the UK. Darragh’s direct sales experience is vast, winning contracts from an arrangement of clients from SME, enterprise and Government.



Steinthor Kristinsson – Chief Technical Officer Steinthor

Steinthor has worked in IT for over 18 years. Providing support and customised Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions for customers of all sizes.

In his previous role he was the team lead of engineers working in a multi petabyte mixed environment that spans over 5 countries. The team responsibility was to build and maintain the infrastructure as well as providing customised solutions for customers.

His extensive experience with Cross Platform administration, DevOps and storage specialisation makes him one of the best in the business.   



We look forward to working with you,
datastring team

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