Jon Thordarson / 5. Mar 2016

81% of IT Managers Are Ignorant of the New EU Data Protection Regulation

Recent research from a survey of 660 companies in the UK, France, Germany and Italy by data recovery specialist Kroll Ontrak and data erasure experts Blancco highlighted some rather worrying statistics about the impending EU Data Protection Regulation and the European IT sector:

  • Four out of five (81 per cent) of IT Managers are not familiar with the GDPR

  • Three out of five (61 per cent) IT managers admit that their organisations have not taken measures to be GDPR compliant

  • More than half (55 per cent) have not reviewed and adapted data destruction policies

  • A quarter (25 per cent) of IT managers do not currently have a process in place for data destruction

Given that this new regulation is currently being finalised by the EU Commission and is due to be ratified in early 2015 what’s clear is that the EU is doing a poor job disseminating this information to the IT community.

And given how it’ll change key IT processes and procedures, it’s worrying that the information that the EU has released to-date is largely being ignored by the majority of IT Managers, according to this new research. However on the flip side it’s also a huge opportunity for you–who are taking the initiative ahead of the ratification by reading this blog–to get ahead of the curve and start actioning the requisite changes needed within your organisation to ensure you comply with the new regulation.

Failure to do so could expose your company to huge fines, in addition to potential reputational damage.

Ignore at your peril.